Tuesday, August 25

Mino - Fear (feat. Taeyang)

I cry everytime listening to this song. Mino feat. Taeyang - Fear.
I'm rooting for Show Me The Money 4 and so excited that Mino can make it til Final which will be aired on Friday.

this song, I don't know what this song is all about. I don't understand every single word in it. But damn, the feeling Mino delivered when he was singing it. I cried hard when he held his dad's hand and then hugged him. From the first time I listened to this song, I mumbled it the next day. It stuck on my head that I can't help it. I downloaded it soon after, listened to the recorded version. Sorry to say, but I couldn't feel the same way I did for the live version. For now, I have to open youtube everytime I want to listen to it. Mati aja kuota habis buat youtuban tok. 6GB 3 hari jonih!

I prefer the live version. I love the feelings, the emotions, the cheerings from the audiences. Anyway, the live version sounds exactly the same like the studio version, except for the feeling.

I'm so looking forward to the Eng Sub of this song. Anyone!

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